Different Video Styles

So What's Trending in Video Today ?

We are always looking at what's new in the film and TV arena, different styles and techniques so that your video matches modern day filming. Long gone are the days of rapid zoom effects like the old shows of the 70's and 80's such as Hawaii Five-O and fairy pixie dust effects as you would see on a Christmas Disney movie !!!!

The Mantra for much of todays filming is "Short & Sharp" delivering your message often in under 2- 3minutes and if catering to Instagram in under 60 seconds. 

Nobody has the time to be looking at a 12 minute video, even wedding videos are mostly limited to high quality production highlights of 10 minutes or less. 

So we focus on what's important, a common trend is to film a scene and as you move from say left to right "Speed Ramp" it up in the middle by 5000-10,000% giving it that rapid but stylistic smooth jump look, this is used extensively on many major Foxtel and Pay TV shows and is a great way to get heaps of footage into a small time-frame and if combined with slow motion before and after the speed ramp offer the viewer the chance to fully appreciate  the scene. This technique lends itself to many situations including aerial and especially ground videography.

Another technique is "Shaky Cam", although this technique needs to be done carefully and only with limited use. It gives the viewer a realistic view of the scene as it shakes slightly as if they were watching through their own eyes. This is especially useful in interviews where it brings drama and focus to the subject more than using a tripod alone. 

We are experienced in the following types of video media trends 

  • Speed Ramping Effects & Slow Motion

Shaky Cam Effect

Log Verses Other Colour Profiles

"Stabilised Mobile Footage" is the opposite to Shaky Cam and is used to create smooth stabilised film effects when walking around something or someone to give that buttery smooth visual effect. It replaces in many instances those old video crane sets only reserved for major film companies and brings a style of Major Film Production to with the reach of everyone else. We have amazing video stabilisers capable of carrying our camera equipment to deliver the highest quality experience.

Another technique is "Filming in Log", this is a flat profile which allows us to capture a wider dynamic range meaning your video will not suffer from Crushed Blacks and blown-out whites compared to normal profiles but importantly means we can colour grade your footage more accurately and stylise your final footage to deliver in a number of different "LOOKS"

So you can see from just a few of these trends we have talked about you are in good hands with filming and post production and can rest assured that we will always create the most engaging up to date media content for you. 

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