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Homestyle Roof Painters are a local North Brisbane roof repair and restoration company and have been running for over 35 years.  After an initial 2 hour meeting with the entire administration team we formulated a complete picture of their company operations and  marketing efforts. The owners of the company wanted a strategic point of difference compared to the many competitors in the market place.  

Prior to this  meeting we undertook a complete review of their competitors, their marketing and use of video. What we found was a complete lack of use in the industry of specifically designed content which actually took their clients on a meaningful journey.

What we did find was a myriad of poorly shot home made videos uploaded to YouTube which were boring and mostly included a static camera , lots of time lapse and interviews with poor audio, bad framing and no lighting (lots of harsh shadows).
What was discussed throughout the meeting was the importance of transparency, the message of quality, customer service, workmanship and company integrity. These points were paramount to our campaign.
At no point did we discuss getting into a price war with the competition by offering monetary specials  as we all recognised that this was a journey to the bottom. 

We therefore designed the following initial campaign which included 10 videos in all

  1. Customer Experience Video of "What to Expect At a Consultation". 
  2. A Post Quote Video - A friendly personal thank you from each of their 3 visiting customer service agents for allowing them to quote the customer, which highlights everything discussed during the meeting as a courteous  reminder. Each agent had two post quote videos created, one for a tiled roof and one for a tin roof
  3. Installation Video - A easy to watch entertaining highlight of two videos, one for a tile restored roof and one for a tin restored roof
  4. Strategic Roof Coating Partners Video - Flight to Adelaide to film manufacturing plant which included CEO interviews, the production facility and Homestyle coating application team factory tour. 

During the planning phase, we wrote all the interviews and voice over scripts as well as produced the layout for the content,  we utilised a voice over artist for the "what to expect at a consultation".
Filming took 7 full days and delivery took around 3 weeks

The "what to expect at a consultation" and the "Acryloc coatings" video was then attached to every new customer enquiry 

The "post quotes" video was sent out to every customer for which a quote was prepared on the following day if no deposit was paid, as a reminder of the meetings highlights and conversation 

Once a date had been booked for the restoration works the final video for either the tile or tin roof job was sent as an example of the works to be carried out.

Following this procedure with all new enquiries has seen a rise in their accepted quotes as customers feel more involved and importantly have a greater understanding of the complete process from start to finish.
This gave Homestyle Roof Painters a great opportunity to  showcase their workmanship, customer care and  service. 

We are experienced in creating many different styles of video series content 

Customer Experience Video

Post Quote Tile Roof Video

Post Quote Tin Roof Video

Strategic Roof Coatings Partner Video

Tile Roof Restoration Video

Tin Roof Restoration Video

Golf Skate Caddy™ Episode 1 Cleaning Your GSC

Golf Skate Caddy™ Episode 3 Motor, Axle, Bush & Spring Replacement

Golf Skate Caddy™ Episode 5 Plastic & LCD Replacement

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