Behind The Scenes
Camera, Lights, Action !

Ever wondered what goes on exactly "behind the scenes"  of an interview or an advertising video campaign. Often our clients have no idea what to expect when a professional film crew turns up on the day. The old saying "camera, lights, action" well that's pretty true. Having us attend your location to capture the brief, the heart and soul of your campaign does not happen with a dude and  a camera turning up for a few shots.

We are a professional video production company, which means high quality professional 4K/50fps filmic cameras, industry standard audio and lighting, computerised automated camera sliders, professional lenses, in fact everything required to create a deliverable that meets and exceeds your expectation, but to give you a realistic idea of what to expect check out some own these off the cuff Behind The Scenes Videos. 

here's a sneak preview of some of the setup and what to expect "behind the scenes"

Halcol Customer Interview
Book Author Interview
Real 3D Manager Interview
Client Behind The Scenes
Stockland Engineer Interview
Client Behind The Scenes

Some of Our Valued Clients

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Why SkyBiz Media ?

Skybiz Media Productions has been involved in creating videos for a number of years offering clients value for money and exceptional service. In addition to being professional camera technicians all our operators are qualified CASA certified drone pilots. We have also been involved in creating works for Local Councils, National Corporations, TV adverts and local businesses. So we look forward to seeing how we can best help you with any project moving forward. 

Our Services

Video Content Creators

Multi Camera Interviews

Low Light and Slow Motion Specialists

CASA Certified Drone Pilots

Professional Editing

Professional Photography

Script Writing and Production

Professional Voice Over Artists

Company Information

Fusion Innovations Pty Ltd.
T/A Skybiz Media Productions

A Sunshine Coast Video Production Company

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