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creating promotional product content for Australia

If your looking to engage your customer audience with social media or website commercials that showcase your products,

Then you've come to the right place. 

Here at Skybiz Media Productions we take the time to understand your product and help create content that pops, . . . but creating that content requires meticulous attention to detail, skill and creative flare so that we can pack your message into a 15, 30 or 60 second time frame with purpose. 

So a little about us and what we can film.

We have our own product studios, specifically setup to accommodate a number of filming techniques which include dark room, green screen and set building. We have a range of filming equipment which includes...

  • 4K - 10 bit cameras,
  • Specialised lenses,
  • 100fps high frame rate recording,
  • 3 axis programable motion controllers,  
  • Jib with computerised subject tracking camera,
  • Highly specialised lighting to accentuate the subject being filmed

These are just a few of our professional tools that we use.
In addition to this we are experts at editing the final product which includes the use of green screen techniques, special effects, sound science and music


Firstly please fill in the enquiry form on this page and outline your brief,  contact and company or business information.
From here we can call you to discuss your products in more detail and get a feel for your business and  branding.

Once we have established these points we can discuss a film plan, wether it's simple 15 second edit, or a more complex arrangement that may include special effects, set building, talent (actors), as well as specialised locations - think vehicle, warehouse and custom lighting. 

From here we can give you an indication of our prices. These are generally broken down as such.

  1. Hourly Film Production Rate (studio or remote location) 
  2. Set Building Costs ( includes specialised component for your job, this may include purchasing simple props or food etc )
  3. Hourly Editing  Rates

Each job is different, but our experience will give you a good idea of pricing. Once we have agreed on a budget we can move onto the next part - The products. 

It is up to you to send us your products for filming - we will discuss the quantity of product to be sent as well as any extra props you may have to complete your branding. 

Once we have received the goods we will place your job in a queue so that we can plan our filming date which would include pre production arrangements,  filming dates and edit times.
It is not customary to resend products back unless specifically agreed. 


Creating content for commercial work is an exacting process, every attention  to detail is taken into account from removing finger prints on bottles, squaring up products on screen, adjusting camera angle, crafting lighting for EVERY scene,  planning special effects, green screen and trick shots as well as  re-filming these scenes many multiple times until we get the effect we desire.

In the edit suite we will compile music, create digital special effects if required and edit the film together.
It can take on average 14-18 separate scenes for a 30 second video ! and easily 2 days of filming (sometimes more)  plus 6-8 hours editing.  

As film pros we know our craft and we understand that there are cheaper less professional options being offered in the market place, for instance you can film using a smart phone, but this filming style will only invariably produce an amateur production at best.  Which is why we have invested in professional studio work spaces, industry tools and cameras . 

If your product and branding is important to you then please contact us so that we can help you create a high value asset that will showcase your product with pride. 

Douglas Mizzi - Director of Photography

Ashley Cripps - Assistant Camerman

Some of our studio setups for product content

Some Of Our Behind The Scenes Studio Work

Our UK - Australia green screen shoot Mooloolaba studio

A quick behind the scenes look at our blacked out product studio

Hotondo Homes Mark Uzzell -  green screen studio shoot 

Some of Our Valued Clients

Contact us today by filling out the enquiry form below and we will be in touch soon

Why SkyBiz Media ?

Skybiz Media Productions has been involved in creating videos for a number of years offering clients value for money and exceptional service. In addition to being professional camera technicians all our operators are qualified CASA certified drone pilots. We have also been involved in creating works for Local Councils, National Corporations, TV adverts and local businesses. So we look forward to seeing how we can best help you with any project moving forward. 

Our Services

Video Content Creators

Multi Camera Interviews

Low Light and Slow Motion Specialists

CASA Certified Drone Pilots

Professional Editing

Professional Photography

Script Writing and Production

Professional Voice Over Artists

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