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Local TV Advertising Campaigns

With the huge growth in social media video content creation, other formats like TV, print and radio seem to be all competing for the same advertising dollar, with huge discounts on airtime being offered to companies. And Local TV is the driving force behind this discounted advertising campaign. Today putting an ad on local TV is as they say "Cheap as Chips" so a lot of companies are now considering this medium compared to 5 years ago.

Often they will offer as part of that deal someone to come out and shoot the advert and mostly it's shot to a formula without much consideration for creative flair and excellence. But remember cheap looking adverts bring to the viewers mind a cheap product or service. 

We don't make cheap looking adverts, we create beautiful well shot and constructed adverts at a cost that will be well within your budget and we can often cut a 15, 30 and 60 second advert so that you can use these not only on TV but also apply to your social media.....and the best thing of all is YOU OWN THE FINISHED FOOTAGE not the TV station  who will never release this to another TV station if you get a better deal or for use on social media. 

Do you really want to be tied to one station with that advert for life...probably not and I guess no one told you that from advertising !!!

Examples of  Local TV Advertising Campaigns

  • 15 Sec TV Advert

15 Sec TV Advert ready for TV station

60 Sec TV Advert

Creating a TVC or tv commercial starts with a plan or idea, a storyboard then script before the shoot day. We will work out with you a film plan also that we have a direction plan open the day. We will discuss with you classifications and target market so that we know who will be watching this. 

Once the film is captured and the TVC is edited we will adjust the sound track for loudness usually around -24 LKFS as per the TV stations strict requirements for broadcast and deliver in a Rec709 format with max brightness at 95 IRE. 

All of this is then saved in 1080P HD at 25FPS and timed exactly to the frame.  Don't worry if this sounds like too much tech talk as we know what to do. Just ask and we can help you get an advert to air no worries. 

All TV adverts before being aired on Free to Air TV will need a CAD classification, which costs around $100 + GST this will be an extra cost charged by classifiers which will be passed on. Once we have complete your advert we can pass onto the TV station for this CAD classification.

Also Remember using SkyBiz Media Productions for the creation of your video content for use on TV is far more flexible than using a TV station video production services if you want to use that footage and have it recut and edited to use on social media, websites or send out via email. 

Give us a call for a friendly and informative chat about your upcoming project so that we can discuss a management plan for filming. 

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Skybiz Media Productions has been involved in creating videos for a number of years offering clients value for money and exceptional service. In addition to being professional camera technicians all our operators are qualified CASA certified drone pilots. We have also been involved in creating works for Local Councils, National Corporations, TV adverts and local businesses. So we look forward to seeing how we can best help you with any project moving forward. 

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