Additional Services and Procedures

Voice Overs
Looking to create a more informative creative with focus, then its's time to utilise additional human senses by introducing a voice over.
This will direct your viewer to focus more on the video and help their brain capture more information, whilst relaxing and enjoying what they are watching. 
We can organise both male and female voice overs in Australian as well as a number of other accents. 

Story Boarding
We can help you create a story to your video, which is a set of directives that we will capture on film. This allows us to follow a plan of action, scene by scene so that we do not miss anything.
It gives you the client a more visual brief and understanding towards the finished product. 
It starts with notes during our meeting, then we will progress to simple scenes and pictures with additional notes and camera angles for us to follow created by our graphic designer.

Script Writing
This is the process of writing a script of speech and is useful for interviews or scenes where we have people talking on camera.
Each scene from either the story board or notes will be written out for the talent to follow.

   Download simplified script example

Additional services help us to customise and create a more tailored end product to meet your brief and specific needs. 

It will involve additional personnel and time beyond our camera crew simply coming out and filming.
Although we will always have a pre film plan no matter what , involving other specialist crew, talent, actors, producers, story boarders, script writers, voice over actors etc, all includes other people that need to be paid. 

And this is a consideration that we will discuss with you during our initial meeting. We will discuss all aspects of filming and costings, from our more simple two person film crew to perhaps more involvement including pre-film preparation, onsite filming and of course post-production. 

We are extremely easy to get on with and we understand business, advertising budgets, ROI and how all this comes together. 
Whilst we like to take on our clients ideas, it is important to leave much of the creative ideas to us the experts, having an idea in your head may not translate to reality based on complexity and runaway budget costings. As experienced content producers we can foresee issues well in advance of them occurring. 

In saying this however, all ideas, thoughts and questions are always welcomed as a starting point for every project

Client satisfaction is paramount to our business so we will prepare the brief and information as set out in the meeting and then write this all down in an email and send off to you the decision makers. 

Once agreed we will start the process. It is important to know that once this has been agreed and a price set, that any changes WILL INCUR addition costs and fees and that any finished product will not be delivered unless all fees and outstanding costs have been paid. 

Some of Our Valued Clients

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Why SkyBiz Media ?

Skybiz Media Productions has been involved in creating videos for a number of years offering clients value for money and exceptional service. In addition to being professional camera technicians all our operators are qualified CASA certified drone pilots. We have also been involved in creating works for Local Councils, National Corporations, TV adverts and local businesses. So we look forward to seeing how we can best help you with any project moving forward. 

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