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Covid-19 Promotional Video Offer

With recent changes to the Australian Governments approach to Covid-19, the government has expressed that it would like businesses that need to remain open, to stay open. 
And so letting the "People That Matter Most"  know that you are still open for business can be a challenge with so many closing their doors for weeks or months. 

We can help you create a specific video message that will inform your staff, team or customers that you are open for business and how you intend to adjust to these new temporary Cover-19 measures so that you 

This is not a phone video that you just put together and blast on social media, our content is professional, well constructed, purposeful and designed to be sent to your database, website or social media ad campaign. 

We will help you write a well crafted script and even teach you  how to deliver this like a pro using an industry professional teleprompter.

As part of our commitment to helping companies and businesses affected by Covid-19 we will waive our editing and script writing fees, so that all you pay for is the the film day rate.
This day rate will be reduced further during this 6 month period until October 2020.

This offer allows any entity within this time period to create a specific COVID-19 related video to help promote their business.

We will create a video message that will inform "The People That Matter The Most" 
to your company, that you are still open and trading

Our Film Process. 

After contact has been made we will have an in-depth phone consultation to discuss the business, your goals and expectations. Once this has been done we will undertake the following process below. 

1 - Help write a 1.5 - 2.5 minute script designed to engage your key audience - we will need to spend time on phone, allow minimum 90-120 minutes for initial draft, after which we will formulate a final draft version for approval
2 - We will arrive at your location and two of us will unload all equipment and setup cameras, lighting, teleprompter and audio. 
3 - Only one of us will meet at your location on the day to view actual area to film. After this we ask that the interviewee leaves and allows us time to setup. 
4 - When we are ready, we will follow a hand sanitation protocol for both camera crew and interviewee. We will setup audio and show interviewee how to attach radio mic.
5 - Teleprompter operator will remain minimum distance of two metres from interviewee, director will also remain 1.5m from interviewee.  This interview process can take 2-3 hours including our training, if we have time we may shoot some hand held B-roll of other processes you perform to add to video message
6 - We will synchronise and edit all interview film and add infographics, logos and contact details. 
7 - We will supply finished deliverable in an .mp4 format ready to be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo for you to use anywhere. 


A 50% deposit is required after the initial establishing phone call once the client has agreed to our fixed price to undertake this content services.

The remaining 50% to be paid once a SkyBiz Media watermarked copy has been accepted.

Once payment received we will upload final file to Dropbox for download by client. 


Payment Method. 

We can accept the following payments

1 - Direct Debit Payment

2 - Credit Card Payment - again in order to help our clients where possible we will waive our 2% credit card fee until 31st October 2020. 

Procedures & Sanitation

We will not allow close person to person contact or shake hands. 

We will ensure a 1.5m distance from your work force until such time that the government recommends this no longer applicable.

We will ensure all equipment is wiped down with appropriate sanitation solutions and use appropriate hand sanitation through the filming event until such time that the government recommends this no longer applicable.


To Book This Covid-19 Offer
Please contact us via our enquiry form at the bottom of every page on our website for more information or call Douglas Mizzi direct on 0433 121 736 

Terms & Conditions

This offer is only valid to entities which are promoting their businesses as a result of Covid-19. This offer is not valid for any other purpose and cannot be used as part of any other campaign. 

This offer is given in good faith and only designed to help those affected by Covid-19 no matter how large or small. Once the Cover-19 time frame as given by the government has elapsed this offer will be withdrawn and our normal competitive rates will return.

We are here to help you where we can and we will all get through this together.

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